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SUZE COOPER is a voice content strategist with Vixen Labs, a voice consultancy working with brands and businesses on the creation of Voice experiences. With 20 years of experience in journalism, Suze merges her broadcasting skills with her Voice Tech knowledge producing news stories for the London Evening Standard. These can be heard on Google Assistant’s AI-driven news feature. She is also a freelance newsreader for Kent radio station, kmfm.

Now a director of her own company Big Tent Media, she works alongside her husband creating content for small businesses with a specialist eye on audio content, from podcasts to audiograms. Suze is the creator of the Social Days Flash Briefings; an audible social calendar for content creators which can be heard daily via Alexa-enabled devices. She is a confident public speaker, eager to inspire and educate others about the possibilities of voice technology.

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PETER STEWART has been broadcasting for thirty years in the UK, both in radio and TV, and for commercial and BBC stations. He’s written seven published books on presentation and production skills, has spoken at events in London, New York and Prague, and trained staff from international opera houses to Oxfam field-workers. In 2019, Peter was an advisor for the Reuters Institute / Oxford University The Future of Voice and the Implications for News report, and subsequently spoke about Voice at the NewsRewired conference at Reuters in London. As well as hosting a podcast discussing developments on the Voice platform, Peter has several daily Flash Briefings on Amazon Alexa devices: a regional events’ guide (which is the second highest-rated Skill in the UK), another discussing case studies on how Voice tech is being used, and a third which is a step-by-step guide on how to produce a Flash Briefing.

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Voice is nothing new. Voice is what we have used since the day we were born to communicate. What IS new is the way technology is being used to accept voice commands. Suddenly the tech is working around how we have spoken and interacted with one another since the beginning of time.

Voice Works is about supporting you to harness this new technology and discovering how you can use it to benefit your brand, business or organisation. We can help you with anything from helping you come up with an idea, to recording, creating and scheduling your flash briefing

We bring a vast amount of experience from our broadcasting backgrounds to the voice tech space. Between us we create five flash briefings available via Alexa-enabled devices and we want to share our expertise and knowledge with you.

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